About Us

Learn Divorce Law was created in order to make sure you are informed of your legal rights.

Fighting power imbalance through education is one of the best ways to make sure that we create a healthy society and defend people who are physically and emotionally abused, suffering from a partner's infidelity, or are being taken advantage of because they simply don't know what power they have.

Why We Launched This Project

We created this website and newsletter to help everyone understand:

  • Abandonment. Exactly what they can do if abandoned
  • Adultery. What the options are in case of adultery
  • Abuse. How to get help ASAP if they are suffering from abuse
  • Children. How to fight to protect their children during the process
  • Mediation. Whether mediation and reconciliation are possible
  • Expenses. How to keep divorce expenses to a minimum

We speak the truth here. That means bluntly covering every topic related to divorce and marital woes with a heavy dose of research, comprehensive analysis, and compassion.

We are NOT a publication owned by lawyers. We do NOT provide legal services. We are a media organization created to spread useful information to those who need it - free of charge.

The LearnDivorceLaw.com Promises

Here's the Learn Divorce Law promise to every visitor of this website:

  • Truth. We will publish what we believe to be true, not just what is economically useful to attorneys or the divorce industry
  • Options. We will publish advice that helps inform you of all of your options - not just divorce
  • Empowerment. We will publish information that will be useful for minimizing exploitation and power imbalances
  • Research. We will publish information that we exhaustively research - not just whatever is easiest to publish
  • Interesting. We will publish information that is interesting and entertaining in order to help you during this time

If you ever have any questions, just use the contact form and let us know.

About the Staff

Shaun Connell's Likes | Seeking AlphaShaun Connell, Founder. Shaun is a business owner and Internet publisher who is obsessed with defending the weak and providing information to people who need help but can't afford expensive attorneys. He's spent years building and marketing online publications.

Shaun's goal behind launching LearnDivorceLaw.com is to provide the Internet's best resource on divorce, annulment, mediation, and all of the related topics so that anyone can learn their best options going forward. Free of charge, of course.

Tiffany Homan, Editor. Tiffany is the chief editor of LearnDivorceLaw.com. Tiffany is passionate about systematically explaining to people around the country what their rights and options are under divorce law.